Massage and Body Care
Massage with cream reducing the fatty tissue – partial treatment
(using Dr Fukuj algae slimming massage cream with warming effect, duration: about 25 min)

For those wanting help losing weight we propose a deep and intensive reduction massage. This is a rapid and fairly intense massage, mainly using rubbing, kneading and slapping. The purpose of this type of massage is to fragment and massage subcutaneous fatty tissue, detox your body, increase blood flow to your skin and muscles and accelerate metabolism. These massages are performed on special creams which stimulate cell metabolism and remove fatty tissue and cellulite.

Slimming massages with use of a professional cream which: 

  • models and slims your figure,
  • prevents accumulation of fatty tissue,
  • improves the tension and flexibility of your skin,
  • stimulates your metabolism.

The massage covers places prone to build up of fatty tissue (particularly the thighs, buttocks and stomach).