Aqua Aerobic

Aqua Aerobic

AQUA AEROBIC is a style of physiotherapeutic exercise, which combines elements of aerobic and swimming accompanied with music. This form of training has the lowest level of stress on joints and spine. It's conducted by highly qualified instructors.

The buoyancy of water makes the human body seem lighter and it is easier to exercise as hydrostatic pressure works on the body, which impacts chest muscles movement and at the same time relieves posture muscles, the spine and joints.

Benefits of Aqua Areobic:

  • prevents developing osteoporosis
  • increase physical fitness
  • reduce cellulite
  • modelling body
  • relax
  • improves cardio-respiratory endurance
  • strengthen all muscles of the body
  • gymnastics in water prevents ailments and back pain, knee and ankle joint pains
  • prevents vascular diseases, hypertension and asthma.

During the exercise various kinds of devices are used including water noodles, buoyancy belts, weights

Swimming skills are not necessary.

The course includes 10 lessons in a single course. Classes in groups of 10 people are held once a week on certain days and hours.

We invite active people who value health and fitness!