Olympic pool

Olympic pool

People who value spending their free time actively are welcome to the sports section of the Aquapark - the Olympic pool.

Having 10 tracks provided, anyone can train, improve their physical condition, test their skills and systematically evaluate the results of training.
Olympic pool size:
Length: 50 m
Width: 25 m
Depth: 2,1 - 2,3 m
Air temperature: 28ºC
Water temperature: 27ºC

As one of only several in Poland, the Aquapark Olympic pool meets international standards, thanks to which the conditions here are comparable to those at international Olympic pools.  The first-class technical fittings include an electronic Omega timekeeper, an area for judges, commentators and trainers and appropriate lighting and sound systems in the swimming pool hall allowing for sporting competitions and television broadcasting to be performed. The water is maintained at a constant temperature. 600 people may watch sporting competitions in the auditorium at one time.

The swimming pool continues to receive accolades. Both swimming professionals and swimming experts emphasize the facility's advantages. They say that it is "quick", allowing exceptional sporting achievements to be realized. No doubt thanks to this 7 Polish records and a record in the 24-hour marathon have been broken here.

Since its inception, Aquapark has supported both the Polish Olympic and national teams. Before the summer Olympics in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008, Polish swimmers, including Olympic champion Otylia Jędrzejczak, trained at the Aquapark Olympic pool. Thanks to the modern equipment measuring the time taken to swim a specific distance, training at Aquapark helped the Polish team to perfect their results. 

The option for the professionals under their supervision to be trained at the Aquapark Olympic swimming pool is highly valued by Paweł Słomiński, trainer to Otylia Jędrzejczak and Paweł Korzeniowski.