Aquapark began as a project to modernise the well-known and popular Warszawianka Sports Club outdoor swimming pool.

The Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka - Wodny Park Foundation was established in 1996 by representatives of the Warszawianka Sports Club, the Warsaw Centrum Borough Government Office and the Warsaw Mokotow District Government Office.

The Foundation managed implementation of the project, which with time was subject to numerous modifications. Land for the swimming pool complex was made available by the Warszawianka Sports Club. Funds were allocated by the Warsaw local authority. The latest technologies were applied during the project implementation.

The design was created by architect engineer Paweł Tiepłow of Elimp Sp. z o.o. and construction was undertaken by Mitex S.A.

The swimming pool was opened in May 1999, with the recreation section and health & wellness facilities being opened in July the following year.

The facility is located on a plot of area 1.8 ha.
Gross covered area amounts to 6,797.1 m2.
Total facility area is 15,782 m2.
Floorage is 14,662 m2.
The capacity of both sections is 71,216 m3.