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The "Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka – Wodny Park" Foundation creates the environment in which people are the cornerstone of business. Therefore, we focus on qualified and open staff and appreciate the active approach to work.

The Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka – Wodny Park Foundation appreciates individualism and respects diversity of ideas and beliefs of each employee. Therefore, we actively create a place where everyone feel good.

  • We appreciate the openness to the challenges and commitment.
  • provide the opportunity of professional development
  • offer an opportunity do develop teamwork skills
  • We guarantee employment on the principles of cooperation

We provide incentive scheme, both in the field of education, specializations, employment and motivational system. We guarantee a continuous and intensive professional development, which is implemented through a number of different activities and resources.

The Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka – Wodny Park Foundation is most of all a friendly workplace . Every employee has the opportunity to learn about the structure, history and strategy of the foundation and the functioning of the internal processes.

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