Happy Kid Programe

Gymnastics for kids

GYMNASTICS in the water for children, organized with the participation of parents. Now every parent can provide their child with the opportunity to get familiarized with the water environment, and take care of motion and sensory development from their first months of life. These classes are also designed to increase the bonds between parents and their children.

Advantages for a child of the group classes in the aquatic environment:

  • positive effect on development of motor and sensory skills
  • prepare auditory, visual and sensory neurons to different conditions
  • children begin to crawl and walk earlier
  • improves immunological system
  • better coordination development
  • easier establish contact with their peers through activities in a group
  • are more open to the world around them
  • are generally more fit

 In class child learns:

  • first breathing exercises
  • support themselves in the water in the inflatable sleeves
  • jumping into the water from a sitting position from the edge of the swimming pool without dipping the head
  • jumping into the water from a standing position
  • floating on the water surface on the back and on the belly

Take care of your child's development!